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American Archives Month 2010

Safety Subject Files

Many subject files on various aviation safety topics may be found in the Aviation Safety and Security Archives. Among these are the files in the C. O. Miller Papers about the Martin-Baker Seat and ejection seats in general.

Publications included in the ejection seat files include an article by Sir James Martin in which he relates his involvement and experiences in ejection seat design. The U.S. Air Forces in Europe published a pamphlet—simply titled "Eject!"—which brought together selected articles about egress and ejection equipment in order to provide a handy reference for aircrew.

Cover of USAFE pamphletTitle and illustration from "Developing the Ejection Seat"

The USAFE "Eject!" pamphlet includes "The ABC's of Ejection" (originally published in AIRSCOOP) which gives a simplified explanation of ejection sequencing and processes.

Extract from "The ABC's of Ejection"

The Martin-Baker seat was also the subject of numerous cartoons and other humorous treatments.

woman in Martin-Baker seat