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American Archives Month 2010

Embry-Riddle History

Another collection that can be found in the Hazy Library's Special Collections is the Aviation and Aerospace History Collection. Library visitors perusing the historic aviation magazines in the collection will find snippets of Embry-Riddle history in advertisements, photographs, and articles.

Indiana Air Tour 1929

An Embry-Riddle Monocoupe airplane at the Indiana Air Tour in 1929 (Aero Digest, October 1929)

Embry-Riddle advertisement 1929

Advertisement for the Embry-Riddle Company's flight school at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati (Aero Digest, September 1929)


WWII Embry-Riddle ad

Advertisement about the Embry-Riddle Company's work to support the war effort during World War II (Aero Digest, 15 January 1944)



Illustration from "Give America's Youth Aviation Education" by Congressman Henry J. Latham who advocated creating aviation education programs in all public schools. (Flying, March 1952)