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A Sampling from the Archives:
David S. Hall Papers

NASA/FAA Crash Tests

David S. Hall is a specialist in mishap prevention and investigation and has conducted research and analysis relating to aircraft safety and crashworthiness. The Hall papers contain reference materials on aviation safety subjects, accident investigation case files, and publications.

The Crash Tests :

During the 1970s, NASA and the FAA initiated a general aviation crash test program. The tests were conducted at the Langley Impact Dynamics Research Facility where a 73 meter high and 122 meter long gantry was used to conduct drop tests in which aircraft were suspended by cables and then allowed to fall or swing pendulum style to contact the impact surface at varying attitudes.

The following photographs show one of the test aircraft shortly before impact and at impact.

aircraft shortly before impact


aircraft at impact

In addition to carrying instruments and crash test dummies that were analyzed following the test, the crash tests were carefully photographed so that the impact sequence could be studied.

crash test sequence

Additional photographs, papers, and reports related to aircraft crash tests are available in the archives.