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A Sampling from the Archives:
Charles Mercer Papers

Cabin Safety

Charles Mercer had a long career as an engineer with Lockheed Corporation, and also served as a member of the company's accident investigation team. Following his retirement from Lockheed, he started a consulting firm and also lectured on aviation safety and accident investigation. The Mercer papers contain reports, manuals, and assorted publications by Mercer and others related to aviation and safety.

Safety with Comfort :

Among Mercer's publications is this 1975 paper which he presented at the Flight Safety Seminar of the Orient Airlines Association (now known as the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines). In "Safety with Comfort in the Passenger Cabin," Mercer discusses the interface between safety requirements and the desire for comfort in airliner passenger cabins. The cabin designer faces a challenge in the need to meld these requirements to produce a viable and marketable product.

cover of 'Safety with Comfort in the Passenger Cabin'

This paper has been digitized by the archives and may be read on-line.

Additional material related to cabin safety issues is available in the archives.