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A Sampling from the Archives:
Richard G. Snyder Papers

Crashworthiness Studies

Richard G. (Jerry) Snyder is an internationally known research scientist with expertise in human impact tolerances and trauma mechanisms, biomechanics, forensic anthropology and anthropometry, crash protection, and transportation safety. The Snyder papers consist of materials created and collected by Snyder in the course of his work as a research scientist over 50 years.

General Aviation Crashworthiness:

cover of 'Crashworthiness Investigation of General Aviation Accidents'Among Snyder's many publications and presentations is his 1975 paper "Crashworthiness Investigation of General Aviation Accidents" which was originally presented at the Business Aircraft Meeting, Wichita, Kansas, 8-11 April 1975 and published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. A condensed version of this paper was published in The Society of Air Safety Investigators (SASI) Forum in Fall 1975.

"The fact that an accident is 'investigated' does not necessarily mean that either crashworthiness information is obtained, or, if it is, that the design engineer will learn of, or from, the results." Snyder discusses a University of Michigan study to illustrate findings relative to occupant injury mechanisms, relative crash protection, and crashworthiness performance of then-current models of aircraft.

Hugh De Haven:

His experience in a 1917 aircraft accident—and his belief that his injuries were caused by poor design—led Hugh De Haven to devote his career to studying crashworthiness and passenger protection. The Snyder papers include correspondence with Hugh De Haven, as well as copies of De Haven's collected papers and files. This paper discussed in this undated letter from De Haven to Snyder is most likely Snyder's 1975 paper on "Crashworthiness Investigation of General Aviation Accidents."

De Haven letter page 1

De Haven letter page 2

Additional information on Snyder's and De Haven's crashworthiness studies is available in the archives.