Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

John P. Stapp Papers

Preliminary box list

Box 1             Slides and photos (includes sled tests, wind blast, misc. people, chimps); also films and "plots for presentations and publications"

Box 2             Published reports and presentations by J. P. Stapp, 1932-1980s

Box 3             Test data (2) and reports, Edwards AFB.  [Test data (1) is in box 9.]

Boxes 4-5           Reports of research - Aeromed Lab at Holloman AFB

Box 6             Reference documents and reports

Box 7             JPS films (with listing of films); also lantern slides (sled tests, sled data results) and misc. books

Box 8             Tests with baboon subjects done on the Daisy decelerator at Holloman AFB (includes films, photos)

Box 9             Edwards AFB test data (1).  [Test data (2) is in box 3.]

Boxes 10-21           Col. Stapp Library (Reports and papers by others, alpha by author).

Box 10           Col. Stapp Library, A-E

Box 11           Col. Stapp Library, F-H

Box 12           Col. Stapp Library, H (cont.)-L

Box 13           Col. Stapp Library, M-Pe

Box 14           Col. Stapp Library, Pf-Sh

Box 15           Col. Stapp Library, Si-Wh

Box 16           Col. Stapp Library, Wi-Z; Start of miscellaneous reports to be indexed

Boxes 17-20        Miscellaneous reports to be indexed (integrate into Col. Stapp Library files)

Box 21           Anonymous and miscellaneous for indexing (integrate into Col. Stapp Library files)

Box 22           SAE committee correspondence and USAF/FAA Bibliography

Box 23           (Extra) Northrop summaries of JPS work

Boxes 24-26        Reference books