Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


display case in LibraryAmerican Archives Month 2010

To celebrate American Archives Month during October 2010, ASASA and the Library's Special Collections collaborated on a display in the Hazy Library highlighting some items from the collections. Our virtual exhibit provides a closer look at some of the items from the display as well as highlighting some additional items.

Items from ASASA include photographs from accident investigations, subject files on ejection seats, crash tests, and more.

Special Collections is represented by early Embry-Riddle advertisements, Prescott Campus historical publications, memorabilia from a World War II pilot, and early aviation publications.

display case in RASC IIA Sampling from the Archives

Display cases in RASC II provide a glimpse into the variety of documents that may be found in ASASA. The items in this display were selected to highlight several of the Archives' collections. The display was originally created for the dedication of Robertson Aviation Safety Center (RASC II) in October 2009.

Collections represented in this display include the S. Harry Robertson Papers, Richard G. Snyder Papers, David S. Hall Papers, David Haddon Holladay Papers, Charles Mercer Papers, and the Aviation Research Collection. The items on display are representative of many of the record types that may be found in the Archives and include documents from accident investigation case files, correspondence, publications, and photographs.