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"If an Aircraft Part Can Be Installed Improperly –
Someone Will Install It That Way"

Offering a reward of better maintenance and safer flying, Chance Vought Corporation issued these "wanted" posters for several members of the Murphy family (of Murphy's law fame).

  • "Plain Ol" Murphy (puts things together backwards)
  • "Big Fist" Murphy (disregards torque limits)
  • "Weak Eyes" Murphy (passes bad maintenance checks)
  • "Professor" Murphy (thinks he knows all the answers; doesn't read the maintenance manual)
  • "Mule Murphy" (never refers to the maintenance manual when in doubt)
  • "Gigolo" Murphy (known to frequently strip joints)

From the C. O. Miller Papers (MS-001) in the Aviation Safety and Security Archives, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.