Safety Posters

A sampling from our collections

Chance Vought Corporation Posters  

Offering a reward of better maintenance and safer flying, Chance Vought Corporation issued these "wanted" posters for several members of the Murphy family (of Murphy's law fame).

Plain Ol Murphy poster

"Plain Ol" Murphy

Born while the taxi was backing out of a one-way street; Habitually puts things together backwards

Big Fist Murphy poster

"Big Fist" Murphy

Disregards torque limits; Thinks a good turn is one which won't go any farther   

Weak Eyes Murphy poster

"Weak Eyes" Murphy

Has trouble seeing what he is looking at; Frequently passes bad (maintenance) checks

Professor Murphy poster

"Professor" Murphy

Feels no need to read the Maintenance Manual; Thinks he knows all of the answers

Mule Murphy poster

"Mule" Murphy

Never refers to the Maintenance Manual when in doubt; Usually mutters "that's how we did it on the ________"

Gigolo Murphy poster

"Gigolo" Murphy

Believed to be a son-of-a-bolt; Known to frequently strip joints (threads, that is)