The Aviation Safety and Security Archives provides information about aviation safety and aviation security to faculty, students, and the aviation community. It is a repository which promotes research by identifying, acquiring, preserving, and making available primary, unique records, manuscripts and material and it is a portal that facilitates access to information relating to aviation and aviation/aerospace safety and security.

In pursuit of this mission, the archives will:

  1. Acquire material (regardless of form or characteristics) from a wide range of sources including, but not limited to private corporations, professional organizations, university alumni, and industry experts.
  2. Assess, organize, describe, preserve and make available unique, primary documents of enduring value.
  3. Assess, organize, describe and make available significant information and documents with subject relevance.
  4. Promote knowledge and understanding of aviation safety and aviation security.
  5. Serve as a research center for the study of aviation and aviation safety and security by the University and the scholarly community at large.
  6. Provide adequate facilities for the retention, preservation, processing, and research use of such materials.