Online Resources: Accident & Incident Information

ASASA Digital Library
Our Digital Library includes electronic copies of U.S. and international accident investigation reports. When browsing the accident reports by location, the top level list of countries indicates the country of the reporting investigative agency, rather than the location of the accident. For example, click on "United States" in the top level list and then "Afghanistan" in the next level to locate a report on a 2004 accident that occurred in Afghanistan but was investigated by the NTSB. (1908-present)
NTSB Databases
Information on civil aviation accidents (and selected incidents) occurring within the United States, its territories and possessions, and in international waters. Limited information on accidents occurring elsewhere may also be available. (1962-present) For pre-2008 cases, search the Aviation Accident Database & Synopses; for cases from 2008 to present, use the CAROL query tool.
FAA Preliminary Accident and Incident Data
Access to preliminary data received by the FAA's Office of Accident Investigation during the last 10 business days. (Most recent accidents/incidents only)
Aviation Safety Network (ASN) Aviation Safety Database
The ASN Aviation Safety Database contains detailed descriptions of airliner, military transport category aircraft, and corporate jet aircraft safety occurrences including accidents, incidents, and hijackings from around the world. (1919-present)
Aviation Safety WikiBase
A companion to the official ASN Aviation Safety Database, the Aviation Safety WikiBase contains user-entered information on accidents not included in the main database. These entries have not been verified for accuracy or completeness. (1902-present)
FAA Accident/Incident Data System (AIDS)
Information on civil aviation incidents (events that do not meet the damage or injury severity thresholds to be categorized as an accident). New users should read the Learn about AIDS page for more information about the database. Part of the FAA's ASIAS System. (1978-present)
Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) Database
Narratives of aviation safety incident/situation reports from pilots, controllers, mechanics, flight attendants, dispatchers, and others submitted to the reporting system administered by NASA. Also available are database report sets providing samplings of reports related to specific topics of interest such as fatigue, runway incursions, flight training, etc. (1988-present)
Transport Canada Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS)
Preliminary information on aviation occurrences involving Canadian-registered aircraft, as well as events involving foreign-registered aircraft occurring at Canadian airports and airspace or in international airspace for which Canada has responsibility. (1993-present with a few earlier occurrences)
Air Force Magazine
Reports on U.S. Air Force mishaps, including remotely piloted aircraft. (2011-present)
Information on civil and commercial aviation accidents; cargo, positioning, ferry, and test flights; helicopter; airship; and military transport accidents. (1908-present)
Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archive
Summaries of both civil and military aviation accidents, international in scope. (1918-present)
Information on accidents involving passenger airliners, including accidents by airline (subdivided by region), fatal accidents by aircraft model, recent accidents, and recent U.S. accidents. (1970-present)
United States Powered Paragliding Association
Narratives and reports of powered paragliding reports submitted by USPPA members to educate and help fellow airmen. (1995-present)
Recreation Aviation Australia
Accident and defect summaries for ultralight, recreational, and light sport aircraft in Australia. (2015-present)
UK Serials Resource Centre
Information on losses of United Kingdom military aircraft (1952-present), as well as losses of former military aircraft that were converted to civilian use (1956-2016).
Australia: Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Reports of accidents and incidents within Australia. Click on the investigation number to see an accident summary which includes a link to the preliminary or final accident report if one is available. (occurrence dates 1954-present; reports dated 1955-present)
The Bahamas: Aircraft Accident Investigation Authority of the Bahamas
Information on civil aviation accidents and incidents occurring within the Bahamas and in international waters. (occurrence dates 2001-present)
Bangladesh: Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee-Bangladesh
Preliminary and final reports of accidents occuring in Bangladesh. (occurrence dates 2015-present; reports dated 2016-present)
Belgium: Air Accident Investigation Unit (Belgium)
Reports of accidents occurring in Belgium. (occurrence dates 2006-present)
Belize: Department of Civil Aviation
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Belize. (occurrence dates 1990-present)
Bulgaria: National Board for Aircraft, Maritime and Railway Accident Investigation
Final reports of aviation accidents and serious incidents occurring in Bulgaria. (occurrence dates 2016-present)
Canada: Transportation Safety Board of Canada
Reports of accidents in Canada. (occurrence dates 1990-present; reports dated 1993-present)
Cyprus: Aircraft Accident & Incident Investigation Board
Reports of aircraft accidents and incidents in Cyprus. (occurrence dates 2014-2018; reports dated 2015-2018)
Czech Republic: Air Accidents Investigation Institute (Ústav pro odborné zjišťování příčin leteckých nehod)
Selected reports of accidents in the Czech Republic are available in English. (occurrence dates 2004-present; reports dated 2005-present)
Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority
Reports of accidents occurring in the Eastern Caribbean States (Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)  (occurrence dates 2006-present)
Finland: Safety Investigation Authority of Finland (Onnettomuustutkintakeskus)
Reports of accidents and incidents within Finland. Use the links on the left-hand side to browse reports by year. Only major reports have been translated into English. (occurrence dates 1994-present; reports dated 1996-present)
Germany: Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung)
English language translations of selected reports of accidents in Germany. (occurrence dates 1998-present; reports dated 1999-present)
Ghana: Aicraft Accident & Incident Investigation & Prevention Bureau
Reports of accidents occurring in Ghana. (occurrence dates 2013-present)
Greece: Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board (Επιτροπή Διερεύνησης Ατυχημάτων και Ασφάλειας Πτήσεων)
Selected reports are available in English. Click on "AAIASB Reports" in the left-hand menu, then browse by year.
Guyana: Civil Aviation Authority
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Guyana. On the main Publications page, scroll down and select item "05. Aircraft Accident Reports" to see the list of reports. (occurrence dates 2011-present)
Hong Kong: Air Accident Investigation Authority
Reports of accidents in Hong Kong. (occurrence dates 1999-present; reports dated 2004-present)
Hungary: Transportation Safety Bureau (Közlekedésbiztonsági Szervezetet)
English translations of reports on accidents and serious incidents in Hungary, as well as occurrences elsewhere involving Hungarian airlines or aircraft. (occurrence dates 2006-present; reports dated 2006-present)
India: Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in India. To see the full list of accidents, click on "More Details" at the bottom of the 2012 list (before the Protection of Evidence section). Interim statements for accidents and incidents still under investigation are also available. (occurrences dated 2012-present)
India: Directorate General of Civil Aviation
Reports of accidents occuring in India. Also available are incident reports (occurrence dates 2007-present) and annual accident summaries for 1960-2011. (occurrence dates 1990-2018)
Indonesia: National Transportation Safety Committee
Reports of accidents in Indonesia. Select "Accident Reports" in the left-hand menu. Brief summaries of accidents occurring in 1988-2003 are also available; select "Statistics" in the left-hand menu, then "Aircraft Accident/Incident Database 1988-2003." (occurrence dates 1997-present; reports dated 2000-present)
Ireland: Air Accident Investigation Unit
Reports of accidents and incidents within Ireland, as well as, in certain cases, accidents occurring abroad which involve Irish registered aircraft. (occurrence dates 1953-present (bulk 1996-present); reports dated 1998-present)
Also available are investigation reports from other countries' accident investigation authorities concerning accidents involving Irish registered/operated aircraft as well as other foreign reports.
Israel: Office of Aircraft Incidents and Accidents Investigation
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Israel. (occurrence dates 2012-present)
Jamaica: Civil Aviation Authority
Reports of accidents occurring in Jamaica. (occurrence dates 2009-present)
Japan: Japan Transport Safety Board
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Japan. (occurrence dates 1985-present; reports dated 1987-present)
Kenya: Air Accident Investigation Department
Reports of accidents occuring in Kenya (occurrence dates 2012-present)
Latvia: Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Bureau
Selected reports of accidents and incidents are available in English. Follow the Archive link to see pre-2013 reports. (occurrence dates 2005-present)
Luxembourg: Administration des enquêtes techniques
Reports of accidents occurring in Luxembourg, as well as reports from other countries in which Luxembourg AET was a party to the investigation. (occurrence dates 2000-present)
Malaysia: Air Accident Investigation Bureau
Reports of accidents and serious incidents. See also occurrence-specific pages for Malaysia Airlines flights MH17 (17 July 2014) and MH370 (8 March 2014) for reports and additional information. (occurrence dates 2014-present)
Maldives: Accident Investigation Coordination Committee
Reports of accidents in Maldives. (occurrence dates 2001-present; reports dated [2001]-present)
Myanmar: Myanmar Transport Safety Branch
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Myanmar. (occurrence dates 2011-present)
Namibia: Directorate of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations
Reports of accidents and serious incidents occurring in Namibia. (occurrence dates 2003-present)
Nepal: Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
Reports of accidents occurring in Nepal. (occurrence dates: 2013-present)
The Netherlands: Dutch Safety Board (De Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid)
Reports and summaries of accidents occurring in the Netherlands. (occurrence dates 1994-present; reports dated 1999-present)
New Zealand: Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Reports of fatal accidents in New Zealand investigated by the CAA. Also available are safety investigation reports of incidents and non-fatal accidents, as well as briefs of accidents and incidents. (1998-present)
New Zealand: Transport Accident Investigation Commission
Information on accidents and incidents within New Zealand investigated by the TAIC. (occurrence dates 1988-present; reports dated 1990-present)
Norway: Norwegian Safety Investigation Authority (Statens Havarikommisjon)
Selected reports of accidents in Norway are available in English; additional reports are available in Norwegian with an English summary. (occurrence dates 1989-present; reports dated 1993-present)
Pakistan: Aircraft Accident Investigation Board
Reports of accidents and incidents. (occurrence dates: 2006-present)
Portugal: Gabinete de Prevenção e Investigação de Acidentes com Aeronaves
English translations are available for selected reports and information notices. The reports are organized by occurrence date. In the menu on the left, select "Investigação de Acidentes e Incidentes" Go to the most recent year (listed by date, e.g., "Relatórios 2021") or earlier years ("Relatórios Anteriores"), then browse or search "report" and/or "notice" to locate reports available in English. (English language reports are available for selected occurrences dated 1998-present; reports dated 1999-present. Portuguese reports available for occurrence dates 1947-present; reports dated 1948-present)
Republic of Korea (South Korea): Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Board
Reports of accidents occurring in South Korea. (occurrence dates: 2011-present; reports dated 2012-present)
Singapore: Transport Safety Investigation Bureau
Reports of accidents and incidents occurring in Singapore. (occurrence dates 2000-present; reports dated 2003-present)
Slovenia: Air, Marine, and Railway Accident and Incident Investigation Unit
Accident and incident reports. (occurrence dates 2008-present)
South Africa: South African Civil Aviation Authority
Reports of accidents and incidents within South Africa. Also available are occurrence reports and graphs (2008-present) which provide summary information on accidents and incidents. (occurrence dates 1967-present; report dates 1967-present)
Sri Lanka: Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
Reports of accidents and incidents in Sri Lanka, as well reports about occurrences elsewhere involving Sri Lankan aircraft. (occurrence dates 1974-2015)
Sweden: Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (Statens haverikommission)
 Reports on accidents and incidents in Sweden. English language translations are available for those occurrences involving commercial aviation, investigations of interest to foreign parties, or if the report has significance for safety issues. English summaries are included in Swedish language reports starting in 2014. The report on the 1991 Gottröra accident is also available on this site. (occurrence dates 1996-present; reports dated 1997-present)
Switzerland: Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB)
Reports on accidents and incidents in Switzerland as well as some reports on accidents occurring elsewhere which involve Swiss-registered aircraft. English-language reports include reports from the Swiss Investigation Board as well as from non-Swiss investigative agencies. For a list of all reports, click on "Search" without filling in any search criteria. Only some reports are available in English. The report title (in the "links" column on the far right) is in the language of the report, so look for English titles ("Final Report," "Summary Report," etc.) to locate reports available in English. (occurrence dates 1990-present; reports dated 1991-present)
Taiwan: Transportation Safety Board
Information on accidents and incidents in Taiwan. Search or simply scroll down to see the full list of occurrences. (occurrence dates 1999-present; reports dated 2000-present)
United Arab Emirates: General Civil Aviation Authority
Reports of accidents and serious incidents. (occurrence dates 2008-present; reports dated 2010-present)
United Kingdom: Air Accidents Investigation Branch
Reports of civil aircraft accidents within the United Kingdom. There may be some delay in the addition of new reports to the comprehensive list; see the most recent reports here. (occurrence dates 1958-present; reports dated 1959-present)
United Kingdom: Military Aircraft Accidents
Reports of service inquiries investigating accidents (including aviation accidents) resulting in death or serious injury, as well as Military Aircraft Accident Summary (MAAS) published upon completion of the RAF investigation. Earlier MAAS reports (1979-2007) are available from the National Archives (UK). (reports dated 1979-present)
United States: National Transportation Safety Board
Reports of accidents within the United States and accidents of U.S.-registered aircraft elsewhere if investigated by the NTSB. (occurrence dates 1968-present, reports dated 1969-present.) May also find brief reports by searching with the CAROL query tool (occurrence dates 1983-present) or the Historic Aviation Database (occurrence dates 1962 and later).
United States: National Transportation Library
The Rosa P digital library includes the collection "Investigations of Aircraft Accidents 1934-1965." Historical reports of accidents in the United States, as well as accidents of U.S. air carriers occurring elsewhere. Select "Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965)," then browse by year or select "Search" (in the left-hand menu) to find reports by keyword, location, carrier, accident date, or report date. (occurrence dates 1934-1965; reports dated 1935-1967)
United States: USAF Judge Advocate General's Corps
From the Air Force, Accident Investigation Board (AIB) reports including aircraft and other mishaps. (occurrence dates 2015-present)

Commercial Aviation

ICAO Annual Safety Report: Annual publication providing updates on safety indicators including accidents.

A Statistical analysis of Commercial Aviation Accidents, 1958-2020 (from Airbus): Focusing on all Western-built aircraft since the beginning of the commercial jet age, this statistical analysis of the air transport sector examines the evolution of hull-loss and fatal accident rates during revenue flights from 1958.

Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents. Worldwide Operations. 1959-2019 (from Boeing)

General Aviation

General Aviation Statistical Databook and Industry Outlook: This annual publication includes general aviation safety and accident statistics (number of accidents, fatalities, and hours flown). The period covered in the historical safety record varies, but includes statistics back to 1938 (found in the 2003-2013 databooks). From the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

Joseph T. Nall Report: An annual review of general aviation aircraft accidents from the AOPA Air Safety Institute

Specific Countries and Regions

Australia: Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Canada: Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Europe: European Aviation Safety Agency's Annual Safety Review

United States: NTSB aviation accident statistics

AOPA Air Safety Institute Accident Analysis page
Reports including stall and spin accidents, accidents during flight instruction, and fatal flight training accidents.
AOPA Safety Publications
Reports on general aviation safety and accident topics including Safety Spotlights on critical issues, the aging GA pilot population, stall/spin accidents, and instructional accidents.
Weather-Related Aviation Accident Study 2003-2007
The number of weather-related accidents from 2003 to 2007 categorized into the following weather events: icing; thunderstorm; turbulence; visibility/ceiling; winds; windshear; precipitation; and other. An earlier review covering 1994 to 2003 is no longer available through the FAA ASIAS site, but is accessible through the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine).
Information on accidents and serious incidents that illustrate contemporary safety issues.
The Aviation Herald
Articles about air transport accidents and incidents from June 1999 to present, as well as commercial aviation safety-related news.
Air Traffic Control Audio Recordings (FAA)
Audio recordings of communications with air traffic control from a number of accidents (2006-2019).
Cockpit Voice Recorder Database
Transcripts of CVR recordings from aviation accidents and incidents.

Aviation Safety and Security Archives

The archives has thousands of photographs of aviation accidents (primarily general aviation, but also commercial and military), many of which have been scanned and are available on-line through the ASASA Digital Library.

Photographs of accidents from 1908 to present

Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives

Photographs of accidents from 1918 to present. May be browsed/searched by multiple criteria, including year, aircraft registration number, region, or operator.

Photographs of accidents and accident aircraft from 1917 to present. Coverage is not limited to commercial aircraft; general aviation and military aircraft are also included.

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