Online Resources: Aviation Safety Publications

  • Aeromedical Safety Brochures: Educational brochures from the FAA designed to acquaint the aviation community with the physiological challenges of the aviation environment and relevant safety concerns 
  • AINonline: Articles from Aviation International News and other AIN publications, as well as articles written specifically for AINonline. Subject-specific news channels include safety, accidents, training, and security
  • Air Med & Rescue: Magazine for the airborne special missions community
  • Aviation accident reports: see separate page for sources of accident reports available on-line (by country of reporting agency)
  • Aviation Safety Letter (Canada): Published by Transport Canada, this quarterly bulletin addresses aviation safety from a variety of perspectives, including lessons learned from accidents and incidents
  • Aviation Safety Network: News about aviation safety and accidents
  • AvWeb: Independent aviation news reporting
  • Callback: Monthly safety bulletin from NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System
  • CFI to CFI Newsletter: Quarterly newsletter from AOPA's Air Safety Institute 
  • FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine Reports: Aviation research reports from 1961 to the present
  • Feedback: Quarterly newsletters (including Air Transport, General Aviation, Cabin Crew, Ground Handling & Security, and Drone Feedback newsletters) from CHIRP, the UK Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime 
  • Flight Safety Australia: Safety magazine from Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority
  • Flight Safety Information: Daily e-mail newsletter on current topics concerning aviation safety. Free subscription required
  • Flightfax: Online monthly newsletter of U. S. Army aircraft accident prevention information
  • Flying Lessons (blog): Aviation safety writer Christine Negroni's blog 
  • Flying Lessons (newsletter): Weekly newsletter looking at recent accidents to consider what might have contributed to them
  • GYRO: Newsletter from the Korea Aviation Voluntary Incident Reporting System (KAIRS) 
  • Hindsight: Aviation safety magazine produced by EUROCONTROL's Safety Improvement Subgroup
  • Blog by flight instructor and FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Jason Blair
  • John's Blog by Air Facts editor John Zimmerman
  • NTSB Safety Compass: Official blog of the NTSBChairman
  • Risk Management Magazine: Official Safety Magazine of the U.S. Army
  • Safety Briefs: Short publications from AOPA Air Safety Foundation designed to offer practical guidance and useful tips for pilots
  • The Safety Net: NATA's Safety 1st program blog
  • Safety Spotlights: Reports from AOPA Air Safety Institute on critical safety issues
  • Sully's Blog: from Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III
  • Vectors for Safety: Monthly blog for Gene Benson's Safety Initiative offering operational tips and accident discussions to promote safety

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